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The truth is when it comes to business, management isn’t my strongest skill. I’m creative by nature, so ideas, content, design – everything I offer as a brand – is what I thrive at; it’s why my businesses are successful. However, I’ve had to read books, listen to podcasts, seek out advice from professionals and more in order to make sure I a. don’t go to jail for tax evasion and b. streamline as much admin work as possible so as not to waste my time or make manual mistakes.

So far, these are the services I’ve found instrumentally helpful in day-to-day business admin. If you love others, leave them in a comment and I’ll look into them, possibly adding to this list!

Dubsado – CRM platform built for creatives that streamlines business through invoicing, contracts, proposals and more

Wave – to make tax season easier by keeping up with bookkeeping, payroll, etc

SignDocument – create, send and track contracts digitally

Calendly – schedule appointments and meetings with leads and clients directly synced with your calendar (can also collect payment if that’s part of your business plan!)

Google Drive – I live here. I love having one place to manage and share files, photos and working documents with team and clients – easily video chat and share your screen with clients, or have them share their screen with you and you can control their mouse!

Asana – glorified to do list if you’re not a paper-and-pen person like me, or if you need to delegate to other team members

Trello – great collaboration, project tracking and storage tool for things that require images, links and text

Flodesk – to schedule on-brand email marketing + newsletters in advance (I usually plan a full month’s of newsletters at a time!)

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