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Attention bloggers and influencers! What’s up with your media kits? 

The ever-evolving marketing world is having a huge influencer moment (read the blog post I wrote about influencer marketing for my company Relevè Branding Agency’s blog). 

Three reasons why influencers are so popular right now is because people are looking to their peers for advice on how to break through saturated markets, eliminate guessing and find products they’ll love.

Also, from a brand perspective, influencers are a cost-effective addition to a marketing budget. Influencers produce content that can be used by both the influencer and the brand…without the brand paying for a production team and shoot. Plus, it expands a brand’s reach all the networks of the different influencers they use. Total win-win.

So why do you need a media kit? A media kit is a PDF that gives brands who want to work with you a quick glance at all the buzzwords, rates, stats and deliverables they need without having to comb through all of your respective channels and ask you a million questions via email. It’s professional, it shows you’re an influencer that takes partnerships seriously and it opens the door for bigger and better opportunities for you.

If you have a media kit, great! If you don’t – don’t freak out. They’re really straightforward and easy to make. Here’s a little breakdown of what goes where:

Page 1: Cover make sure to add at least one way of contact

Page 2: About your brand (blog, Instagram account, who you are – basically, what categories do you create within and what are your values?)

Page 3: Audience + Stats for your primary account – followers, engagement rate, gender breakdown

Page 4: Partnerships, Rates + Opportunities don’t forget to add pricing!

Page 5: Media Features have you been featured in any publications or spoken at any events? Note that here

Page 6: Connect contact information one last time

And if you’re still unsure, or want to see all of this in action, download mine below as an example to follow!

xo, J

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